Yup, that’s about right.

July 19th, 2010

Coffee Spill

July 19th, 2010

WTG – Got Leadership?

July 13th, 2010

Oil Spill Timeline Update Day 84 from RightChange on Vimeo.

Not Gonna Rest??

July 12th, 2010

Power of 10

July 5th, 2010

If The Videos You Watched In Science Class Were Rated R — powered by Cracked.com


July 1st, 2010

Weekly Address: Jobs Creation from White House Weekly Address on Vimeo.

WTG Grrl

June 11th, 2010

Books, check ’em out. Some books are history, some are religious.


May 28th, 2010


May 24th, 2010

Lol, WoWtard…

Got addicted?  Gotta go cold turkey?  Freak out.

Any Questions..

May 24th, 2010

Nasty little details, the things you don’t see on TV.