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Not Gonna Rest??

Monday, July 12th, 2010

More carbon

Friday, December 11th, 2009

And while we’re on the subject of carbon, I wonder what the carbon footprint on broods like this are:

Duggar “family”

Besides personal air breathing (turning O2 into CO2), transportation, heating and entertaining, cooking, and God knows what else, what would be this gaggle’s annual carbon production?  Also take into account all the carbon produced in the production of consumables (food).  Puppy mills like this make me sick.  And to top it off, they’re “reality show stars”.  Keep squeezing ’em out baby!  Millions of potatos need moar reality TV.

CERN and Global Warming

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

I just read a couple of articles that kind of made me pause.  The first was on this whole global warming BS that’s going on over in europe.  The next was a cheery article on CERN’s first recorded proton collision.

What got me about the CERN article was the statement that the experiment was run at a level of “1.18 trillion electron volts”.  Wait, wut? 1.18 trillion electron volts?  ONE POINT ONE EIGHT TRILLION ELECTRON VOLTS?  I’ve seen pictures of the large hardon collider, and that thing doesn’t look like it takes 8 D cell batteries, so I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that 1.18 trillion electron volts would probably fry a small town.

How many tonnes of CO2 were produced to generate 1.18 trillion electron volts for this one experiment that produced “a handful of collisions”?  Fuck the CO2, SCIENCE needs to know.  Here’s the quote from Yahoo: “They recorded a handful of collisions, and one of them looks quite nice, so it’s on their Web site,” she [Christine Sutton of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN] said.  I do so hope they’re pretty and wallpaper sized for my computer.

And the real kicker: “CERN then plans more collisions at 1.18 TeV to give all experiments the opportunity to record data at that level, but new scientific discoveries are not expected before next year when the beams are ramped up still higher, to 3.5 TeV.”  So, nothing new until they push it to 3.5.  Wow.  All that CO2, and the possibility that the world may just implode.  Go science.

Oh, and check out the first article (on the global warming bs).  I didn’t know China was a “developing” country.  (Shocker alert: they got nukes).


CERN Stupidity

Global Warming Idiocy

Update:  Found some info:

This still means, however, that the project will have been responsible for releasing 616,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the world’s atmosphere in 2009 in the pursuit of science extremely unlikely to yield any solutions to climate change this century.


I particularly like the first comment at the bottom, where the commenter is evidently a scientist at CERN, who states that the LHC has already benifited mankind by giving us the world wide web (yeah, the internet).  I thought Al Gore invented that shit.

CT Scan Anyone?

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

We’re living in the dark ages.  The only dif is that now we have gadgets with blinky lights and stuff.

Here’s another reason I have little to no faith in the medical industry:

CT scan, now with eight times the normal radiation.

Yeah, hiar loss and radiation burns and all.

The Cloud Mind Reels

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Twitter is offline,

millions in panic, oh my.

What will they do now?


Bandit Crash Video

Monday, July 6th, 2009

For everyone that got to see the Bandit crash video on my youbube site, I hope you liked it.  It’s gone now.  I guess some dick reported the audio track and YT disabled it.  Without sound, it looses something.  So I deleted it.  That and all the other vids that had tunes for BG effect.  WTG YT/Google.  Ever think that maybe folks might hear those tunes and actually go out and (God forbid) purchase it?  It’s not like it was a clean tune only soundtrack that someone could rip off and get for free (no, it had other sounds that “messed up” the original tune).  About half the vids I had that had music for BG were flagged and muted, so I said fuck it, they all gotta go.  I hope all those artists loose money over the nazi strongarm BS you guys are so hip on.  I hope they become starving artists, and thank their lucky stars they have RIAA, google and youtube looking out for them.  Way to go.

So from now on, all my vids will be just as lame and boring as all the other ones on YT.  Woot.  Another step towards pulling the plug on that page alltogether.

It’s Superboy

Friday, June 12th, 2009

I just have to call BULLSHIT on this!,2933,525992,00.html

Ok, so I like guns.  Small ones, big ones, fast ones, and stupid fast ones.  What caught my eye was the title of this story.  30,000 miles per fucking hour! and all it did was leave a three inch wound on this little snots hand.  Right.  Sure.  Ok….  Let’s do some comparisons.

Let’s just drop all the talk about kinetic energy (which happens to be Ke=1/2MV^2) and focus on the velocities.  IIRC, I used to load my 30-06 for 2700fps.  Converting that, you get a velocity of 1841 miles per hour.  An ’06 is slightly faster and more dangerous than a 7.62mm (.308 Win) round.  Puts a big hole in just about any human I;ve ever heard of outside of a comic book.  And not even 2000mph.  The fastest factory round I know of, and one I personally reload, is the .220 Swift.  This puppy comes out of the pipe at just under 4000 feet per second.  That’s right, almost a mile per second.  Run the numbers and you get 2727 miles per hour.  Busting one of these on a groundhog at 500 yards is almost instantaneous.  PowWhump.  Just about that quick, but still WAY slower than 30,000 miles per fucking hour.  BTW, 30K mph is Mach 39.4.

I’d bet that if we did take into account the kinetic energy of this meteorite, travelling at nearly 40 times the speed of sound, it would not have just bounced off this little liars hand.  It would have taken his hand (and arm, maybe part of his shoulder) off and left a much bigger crater than it did.

And speaking of the crater, lets assume the media is full of shit (or at the very least grossly inaccurate) and lets throw out the whole velocity issue altogether.  None of my rifles leaves that big of a hole in the ground, but at the same time all of them would put a serious ass whoopin on this kid.  BooBoo on hand < crater on ground?  Maybe this little pudknocker is a comic book mutant, or he lives in Smallville, neither of which holds water.

BS I say.  Off with his head!  Might have to use the “laser” though.