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3D – Oh My…

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

So, 3D video was kind of a trick pony at first, and I did get myself a Sony 48″ with 3D capabilities a couple of years ago.  One of the 3D options is to run in simulated 3D.  This is pretty neat, and Sony did a pretty good job with the software, as it takes a 2D feed and figures out the 3D offsets.  Not as good as pure 3D original content, but it does work.

All I used it for was watching DVD’s in 3D sim, at first.  Then I discovered the XBox 360 game Crysis 2 was coded for SbS 3D, one of the legit 3D inputs the TV recognizes.  It was a lot of fun.  The active glasses are a bit tiring after a couple hours of use, and you have to keep them charged, but whatevs, I like Sony products and how they integrate (I don’t have a PS though).

So, this Christmas, I broke down and got myself a Sony Blueray player with 3D, and a copy of Dredd (awesome and faithful movie adaption of the source material), in 3D.  I watched that movie the other night on DVD thru the XB, so I wanted to see the difference in 1080 and in 3D.  It was kind of late last night, so I thought I’d just check out the first part to get an idea, then nod off.  Didn’t work out that way.  Dredd is, like I said, an awesome move anyway, but 30 seconds into the intro and I wasn’t going anywhere till the end credits.  I saw things I did not recall seeing visually before (and I’ve watched it a number of times), and oddly, heard things I hadn’t before either.  Awesome+ (?), Yeah, muchly awesumzorz.

Switching gears a little, but we’ll circle back in a sec.  I got me a Blade Inductrix FPV a couple weeks back.  I had an original Inductrix, but it would only loft 8 grams, and would only fly for about 2 minutes on a 150 mah 1s.  Kinda weak.  So, I got one of he new fpv versions with upgunned motors and a wire dipole Vtx under a neat little canopy.  I’m not going to go into a review of it, but the cam is good in low light, the Vtx works great indoors, and it flies with authority on 1s 200mAH for about 4 minutes.  It does have some quirks though, but is a great little indoor fpv nano quad.  My mom likes to backseat when I fly it at her house.  Haven’t gotten her to actually try flying it, yet, but the buddy box is all ready to go.  She can fly it, she just has to want to before she does.

Christmas time, and family is coming to visit.  My aunt and mothers cousin are coming today, both are interested in the toys I play with, and I know they’ll want to go for a ride later.  Glad to do it, honestly, they seem entertained.  I prefer to fly with Goggles strapped to my face, in lieu of a base station monitor.  It just seems that I feel the aircraft better just visually with the goggles.  Anyway, having 2 goggles presents a problem of 1 rider at a time.  I do however have a Vrx that’s standalone.  I used to use it for another older set of Fatsharks that had a 2.4GHz Vrx internal.  So I hooked the receiver to a small monitor in the office and flew a flight.  Worked pretty good, but I felt a little disconnected.  The important thing is that I got it on a monitor that a room full of folks could watch at the same time.  Ok, mom has a Sony TV, so I thought I’d test on mine to make sure it theoretically would work at her house later.

See where this is going?  I hooked up the receiver to the AV input, got everything spooled up and powered on, sat down, donned the shutter glasses and switched into 3D sim.  Like I said earlier, it does a pretty good job of simulating 3D.  The test flight was amazing.  The 3D on the fish eye was interesting, but wasn’t a problem.  The reception on the receiver was a little limited compared to the raceband module with a patch antenna, and I do have to power it from a 3s LiPo.  But the 3D fpv was quite a surprise.  The funny thing is that I did feel a little more connected to the aircraft than the first test flight.  I believe this was a trick of having to wear the shutter glasses fooling my head a little, and maybe the 3D itself was immersing me more than 2D in the goggles.  At any rate, that will not be the last time I fly using the TV.


Flying, Schooling My Mom

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

I gotta say “mad props” to my mom. She’s a real trooper, and since my dad passed away last September, she’s had to learn and handle a lot of new things. I try and help her out as best as I can, but sometimes you just have to kick back and enjoy life, maybe try new stuff along the way.

I finally got fed up with living in the city and ended up moving out to the sticks. Actually, I’m living at the old family place out in the sticks. It’s been a learning experience, but all in all I really enjoy where I’m at. One nice thing is being able to do stuff like take 10 steps out the basement door and cast a line in the pond. Or go out on the porch and bust a few caps, and nobody gets all up in a bunch and calls the cops. Also, my yard is big enough (including the pond) to do some flying. Pretty badass since I have an electric Lazy Bee with the floats.

Anyway, last Saturday Mom came to visit (a weekly thing, I think she like it when I grill stuff for her), and she helped me clear some brush out by the gate. Dad never let her run the cool toys, so I gave her a crash course on the front end loader (I was busy driving the Gravely with the sickle bar, and it’s, no shit, a half a mile to the gate). She really liked running it, and wants to do it again. Running the loader is work, no denying it, so after dinner I said “wanna learn to fly?” She was all like “I don’t want to break any of your planes”, but I had an ace up my sleeve. I pulled out the Parkzone Vapor. It was dead calm outside, and just perfect for it.

I showed her the basics and got it set on the throttle and handed over the DX6i. Yes, she was fixated and within a minute she had spiraled it into the ground. No biggie, no damage, so I sent it on its way again and demonstrated what she did and how to not do it again. Mind you, this was the first time she’s ever flown RC. The second flight went much better and I could tell she was riding a surge of adrenalin, so when she handed it back, I took it and said good job.

I could tell she had a blast from the big grin and the shaky hands, I’ve been there. She said she wants to learn more and do some more flying, but only on the Vapor. I got a 2 meter glider that’s just begging for some stick time, and I’m sure I’ll get her hooked on gliders soon.


Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

I was looking back through the previous bunch of posts and realized that I’ve been a tad fixated on the 914, and need to change focus for a while. Plus, I’m waiting for parts.


YT – Pick of the Day

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Cool plane, but the pilot needs a little work.

And this looks fun. Might have to scale it up a hair and fab one out with full propo.

Pen Gallery

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Started a gallery for my pen turning projects. Check ’em out.

Pen Gallery

Mr. Darby – Quick Update

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Got a ton done on the Darby, the worst of which was sanding the main deck.  Putting 2 layers of glass down before sanding helped a lot.  Hell, the more I do it, the more I learn what not to do.  Also fabricated a mixer thing for my drill.  Overkill on mixing the activator for the glass resin is kind of an oxymoron.  You can’t mix it enough.  At any rate, the main deck and hatch are ready for the next phase.

I got the battery deck made, and gained a keel compartment underneath it.  I still need to reinforce the false bottom to take the weight of the battery, but that’s no biggie.  Both hull fittings are in place, with the fire monitor system complete up to the pump outlet.  I’m still pondering how to affix the bilge pump to the hull bottom.  

Doesn’t sound like much, but it was a full weekend of boat building.  19 new pix in the build gallery.

Mr. Darby – 1st Century of Pix

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

I added more pix to the Darby build gallery, then I noticed that I’d passed the 1st hundred mark.  

Almost done with the basic decking.  I didn’t get the chance to take pix of the fiber glassing on the main deck this evening, but it’s glassed and hardening right now.  I’ll probably start sanding it, and the hatch, tomorrow.  

Next up will be fitting the main deck to the hull, then working on the bulk heads and interior decking.  I’d like to get it in the water soon, but I don’t know if I have enough ballast to get it to the waterline.  At the very least I can test the control systems and drive it around a bit.  I’m sure I’ll get some video of it in the water.

Mr. Darby – Finished Rudders

Monday, September 1st, 2008


Finished machining the rudder pull-pull wheels and installed the complete rudder control system in the hull.  Using the larger wheels seems to provide a very strong, accurate setup that returns to neutral with little effort.

I got the main deck assembled today.  I still need to finish gluing the members, and I have to make the hatch, but it went together pretty easily after climbing the learning curve with the forcastle deck.  The hatch is going to take some work, since it’s a pretty tight fit (and I haven’t even started glassing it yet), and the kit wood isn’t square on one end.  Meh, it’s all part of building I guess.

Darby – Cut’n Metal

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

I finally put the last couple dabs of green bondo on the skeg and rudder fairings early this evening and shelved the hull for that crap to harden up. I had planned on resuming work in the aft deck, built as a unit and bonded to the hull, but I figured that finishing some of the control gear would get me to sea trials faster. And I kind of needed to switch up to something completely different. Dad cut the first of two rudder pull/pull wheels out of aluminum, but hasn’t been able to work on the second. So, I decided to copy the one he’d machined. It took a few minutes to get the hang of his Southbend 10″ lathe, but it’s a pussycat once you get to know it. Almost 4 hours later I had a near perfect copy of the wheel Dad had cut. I still need to drill and tap two grub screws in each of them, but that’ll have to wait till tomorrow.

I’ll try to get some pix of them before and after I put them in the hull.

Darby – Running in the Drivetrain

Sunday, August 17th, 2008


First time I’ve run up the drivetrain on the Darby since installing and fiber glassing.  The motor noise in the vid is the twin Pittman motors.  I’m getting close to some sea trials.  I’ll post some pix of the skeg build in the gallery.