So what’s the point? To be truthful, none. Just another blog in a sea of blogs. The only difference is that this is my perception of things, just like every other one out there. I just decided one day that I wanted to put into words what rolls around my head every day. Some folks will probably get it, but the vast majority will probably just click their way ever onwards to AOL nirvana. Bon voyage, bitches. I don’t really have the time or patience to explain it. Just another internet drive-by. But to the silent minority that does get it, I say welcome. If you want to join the team, register and drop me a line.


There are a couple of rules.

  1. No talking about work. I’m a tech and a system administrator. I’m not going to answer computer questions, help solve computer problems, nor any other action that even hints at a work-like state of mind or body. Yes, I will probably post about computers or technology, but I will not discuss it other than giving my personal opinions of it.
  2. No dropping of names. This is here to protect those that may (or may not) be embarased by my perception of them.
  3. No ads or popups. These piss me off, so I’m not going to put them on my site. If I ever needed these to support the site, I’d shut it down first.
  4. No p0rn. There are literally tons of high quality p0rn sites on the internet, so if ya gotta get a spank on, do it on another site.
  5. No BS spam comments. I’ll delete them, so don’t bother.

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