Technology, got my hate on, yo.

Lord, may you grant me the strength to not blow a fuse. Completely not work related, but damn, can this get any harder or more frustrating? Methinks not. Intuit, feel free to suck my donkey’s balls. I see in the years since I’ve transferred your dumbass data files to new systems, you still persist in making the task as difficult and frustrating as before. Assholes.

And to the older gentleman that actually helped me today at Bestbuy, thank you, your work ethic is bar none. The other guy, the skinny neck bearded dipshit that embodied the very definition of Bestbuy sales geek, fuck you sideways. I’ll probably go talk to a manager there tomorrow, just to pass on my feedback on both sales reps. I wish the gentleman that did help me would get an ataboy and a raise, and to the other guy, an ass chewing at a bare minimum.  Pro tip: you do not “Help” a customer by darting off to ring  someone else, twice.  That’s how you get complained about.

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