Bordens Run Raceway

Yeah, baby.  5th scale 4wd tuned pipe 2 stroke track bashing.  Much wOOt.  Got into these back in December, and started working on making my own track.  These things are fast, and big.  I posted a number of vids, but this is the latest one at the moment.

The track is handling the weather this year like a champ.  Some weekends we do have to water it, and a couple times the track was a bit muddy.  Most though have been great.  We’re laying down clay in areas, and it’s turning to blue groove quickly.  My buddy Shimmy and I got King Motor x2’s.  There’s been much upgrading, no bling without function however.  They’re getting tougher and more reliable with each upgrade.  It’s just something kinda cool to squeeze into one of these things and pull a sweat assed drift.  Much fun, for sure.  And a full tank will run for about 40 minutes.

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