I finally broke down and got a dSLR camera.  My Nikon Coolpix S550 is handy, but it’s still a point and shoot pocket cam.  A step up is my Canon S5IS, and it’s pretty badass for a point and shoot, but it’s not a dSLR.  The S5 has a couple of limitations, most notably an inability to save in any format other then jpg.  Also, the lens it has is all it will ever have, and some other limitations.

Anyway, I picked up a Nikon D3000.  It’s not a top of the line cam, but it’s the most advanced cam I have, and I have a lot to learn about photography in general, so I’ll grow into it.  Digital cams really made photography en mass to the masses, via computers.  The drawback is that the cams do most of the photography, and people are generally a conveyance and a trigger mechanism, and not much more.

I really want to learn about composing pix, as well as doing digital darkroom processing (not just shooping stuff).  Well, I just did my first two HDR images.  Here they are:

I think they turned out pretty good for my first try.  If you’re wondering what the hell HDR is, it’s High Dynamic Range Photography.  There’s books and all kinds of info on the net about it.  I used the D3000 shooting in RAW mode for the input images.  Then did the HDR merging in Photomatix, with final post processing in Adobe Lightroom.

HERE is my HDR gallery.

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  1. Maydog75 says:

    Hey man, We got a DSLR about 6months ago. Love it. We will have to go shoot sometime!

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