Darwin, Darwin, Darwin…

As if kids today were’nt stupid enough, they gotta go do this:

The Choking Game

I guess the war on drugs is going pretty good, if kids can’t score, so they’ll just go the whole starve my noodle till I pass out route.

Seriously, I’m not all that suprised.  It all started when they took these off the market because ithey were too dangerous for folks:

Darwin was right.  Given free reign on their actions, the stupidest of the herd will find ways to get killed/eaten/or simply removed from the gene pool.

Once upon a time, I had a piranah (you know, those little fish with the teeth).  I had it in a 70 gallon tank.  Now these fish don’t really like pellet food, more like live sushi is what they prefer.  So, I would get 100 ct bags of goldfish.  The rule was, it had to finish all of them before I’d get another load.  Here’s where I really saw Darwin in action.

When I’d first put in a new batch, the tards of the herd would poke around and try to go make friends with the huge thing with the teeth.  They were the first to go.  Then it would boil down to a bunch (probably 80% or so) that would school in a big ball, trying to act bigger than the thing with the teeth.  It worked right up to the point when my piranah would get hungry and decide to get some take-out.  So the ball-o-goldfish would slowly get smaller each day.  Then the ball would disappear.  Here’s where I could tell the Einsteins of the batch.  They’d be hiding up on the driftwood stump, or in the leafy plants, not moving, not being noticible.  They’d munch on alge and try not to get eaten by that thing with teeth.  But eventually, my piranah’s hunger would drive him to look for the easter eggs and then those too would disappear.

Rinse, repeat.

That may sound cruel, but that’s nature.  That’s how things work in the real, cold, world.  Ever see a stupid country dog?  Not old ones, if you have.

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  1. Maydog75 says:

    Okay nice write but as far as the video I couldn’t get past the lisp. I mean come on, I am all for equal oppertunity but you don’t see 1 armed poker dealers. Get real a news anchor with a lisp? Talk about fucktardary. FYI I had the Darwin exp. with my snake, Stanley. The dumb mice, gone in 60 seconds. The smart ones make it an hour. Nature rocks!

  2. Maydog75 says:

    BTW I love the Zombie chopper!

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