CERN and Global Warming

I just read a couple of articles that kind of made me pause.  The first was on this whole global warming BS that’s going on over in europe.  The next was a cheery article on CERN’s first recorded proton collision.

What got me about the CERN article was the statement that the experiment was run at a level of “1.18 trillion electron volts”.  Wait, wut? 1.18 trillion electron volts?  ONE POINT ONE EIGHT TRILLION ELECTRON VOLTS?  I’ve seen pictures of the large hardon collider, and that thing doesn’t look like it takes 8 D cell batteries, so I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that 1.18 trillion electron volts would probably fry a small town.

How many tonnes of CO2 were produced to generate 1.18 trillion electron volts for this one experiment that produced “a handful of collisions”?  Fuck the CO2, SCIENCE needs to know.  Here’s the quote from Yahoo: “They recorded a handful of collisions, and one of them looks quite nice, so it’s on their Web site,” she [Christine Sutton of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN] said.  I do so hope they’re pretty and wallpaper sized for my computer.

And the real kicker: “CERN then plans more collisions at 1.18 TeV to give all experiments the opportunity to record data at that level, but new scientific discoveries are not expected before next year when the beams are ramped up still higher, to 3.5 TeV.”  So, nothing new until they push it to 3.5.  Wow.  All that CO2, and the possibility that the world may just implode.  Go science.

Oh, and check out the first article (on the global warming bs).  I didn’t know China was a “developing” country.  (Shocker alert: they got nukes).


CERN Stupidity

Global Warming Idiocy

Update:  Found some info:

This still means, however, that the project will have been responsible for releasing 616,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the world’s atmosphere in 2009 in the pursuit of science extremely unlikely to yield any solutions to climate change this century.


I particularly like the first comment at the bottom, where the commenter is evidently a scientist at CERN, who states that the LHC has already benifited mankind by giving us the world wide web (yeah, the internet).  I thought Al Gore invented that shit.

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  1. Maydog75 says:

    Nice, you should send this to Rush, he would have a field day with it. My biggest problem with the left is hipocracy!

  2. E-Dog says:

    I am so let down. Here are the epic pix from the event.

    Spoiler alert: No awesome desktop wallpapers.

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