Boots on the ground.

Today was absolutely beautiful.  Not too hot, not too cold, no bugs or snakes.  Kinsee loves to go for walks, but in town they get real boring, with the same old sidewalks.  Out in the stick it’s completely different.  We logged roughly two miles up in virgin old growth forest.  To tell the truth, I saw things (and parts of the property) that I had never seen before. 

There’s one ridge that is covered in Karst topography (sinkholes), with a couple that would swallow a basketball court.  And tons of dolomite outcrops that I really want to run my Axial crawler on.  We hiked that ridge all the way to one of the property lines, then headed back on the road from the gate.  Kinsee was stoked all the way, but I could tell she was getting hot and tired.  When we got to the creek, she just laid down in it and got cooled off enough to make it back tot he house.

After that, I cut and split some firewood and rode over to the neighbors’ to chat a while and see if hunting season was still in (which it isn’t for the most part). 

Kinsee then decided that another walk was in order, so we walked the loop.  Up to the cabin, barn, through the wood trail, to the old house and back to the main house.  That was the second mile.  I know she’s wrecked, she’s down stairs now nodding off.  She should be good for the rest of the week.

Finding new ground won’t be hard, but what will be is the terrain.  Most of the farm is on the side of a mountain.  I guess it’ll be short jaunts till she (and I) get used to climbing mountains to get new ground to put boots on.

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