Flying, Schooling My Mom

I gotta say “mad props” to my mom. She’s a real trooper, and since my dad passed away last September, she’s had to learn and handle a lot of new things. I try and help her out as best as I can, but sometimes you just have to kick back and enjoy life, maybe try new stuff along the way.

I finally got fed up with living in the city and ended up moving out to the sticks. Actually, I’m living at the old family place out in the sticks. It’s been a learning experience, but all in all I really enjoy where I’m at. One nice thing is being able to do stuff like take 10 steps out the basement door and cast a line in the pond. Or go out on the porch and bust a few caps, and nobody gets all up in a bunch and calls the cops. Also, my yard is big enough (including the pond) to do some flying. Pretty badass since I have an electric Lazy Bee with the floats.

Anyway, last Saturday Mom came to visit (a weekly thing, I think she like it when I grill stuff for her), and she helped me clear some brush out by the gate. Dad never let her run the cool toys, so I gave her a crash course on the front end loader (I was busy driving the Gravely with the sickle bar, and it’s, no shit, a half a mile to the gate). She really liked running it, and wants to do it again. Running the loader is work, no denying it, so after dinner I said “wanna learn to fly?” She was all like “I don’t want to break any of your planes”, but I had an ace up my sleeve. I pulled out the Parkzone Vapor. It was dead calm outside, and just perfect for it.

I showed her the basics and got it set on the throttle and handed over the DX6i. Yes, she was fixated and within a minute she had spiraled it into the ground. No biggie, no damage, so I sent it on its way again and demonstrated what she did and how to not do it again. Mind you, this was the first time she’s ever flown RC. The second flight went much better and I could tell she was riding a surge of adrenalin, so when she handed it back, I took it and said good job.

I could tell she had a blast from the big grin and the shaky hands, I’ve been there. She said she wants to learn more and do some more flying, but only on the Vapor. I got a 2 meter glider that’s just begging for some stick time, and I’m sure I’ll get her hooked on gliders soon.

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  1. Maydog75 says:

    two words, FUCKING AWESOME!!

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