Bandit Crash Video

For everyone that got to see the Bandit crash video on my youbube site, I hope you liked it.  It’s gone now.  I guess some dick reported the audio track and YT disabled it.  Without sound, it looses something.  So I deleted it.  That and all the other vids that had tunes for BG effect.  WTG YT/Google.  Ever think that maybe folks might hear those tunes and actually go out and (God forbid) purchase it?  It’s not like it was a clean tune only soundtrack that someone could rip off and get for free (no, it had other sounds that “messed up” the original tune).  About half the vids I had that had music for BG were flagged and muted, so I said fuck it, they all gotta go.  I hope all those artists loose money over the nazi strongarm BS you guys are so hip on.  I hope they become starving artists, and thank their lucky stars they have RIAA, google and youtube looking out for them.  Way to go.

So from now on, all my vids will be just as lame and boring as all the other ones on YT.  Woot.  Another step towards pulling the plug on that page alltogether.

2 Responses to “Bandit Crash Video”

  1. Maydog75 says:

    Put the video on here! Fuck YT.

  2. E-Dog says:

    In the age of DRM and lawsuits, no, it’s not worth risking major dinero. Even if it’s not a complete song, or a clean version, there’s still money hungry RIAA dicks out there looking to score.

    In the move to the sticks, I haven’t found the original footage we dumped to the Macbook, and the DV tapes are somewhere in a box, still packed up. Maybe someday I’ll find them and post it again, but for now the BCV2007 is relegated to history.

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