Why N Korea needs Google

I wasn’t going to piss around with the whole Kim Jong Il BS, but North Korea really needs some google action before they start up with the propaganda verbal spewage. I mean, you have to throw out some believable rhetoric if you want folks to take you seriously and not nuke you from orbit (just to be sure).

What caught my eye last week was the whole “blah, blah, we nukayu, blah” then “retaliate 100 fold or 1000 fold”. That last part kind of crossed some wires in my noggin. Anyway, I did a google search on “100 fold meaning” and found this page in nothing flat:

I know things get lost in translation, but the difference between 100 fold and 1000 fold is not a factor of 10. from reading that link, I don’t think they have developped a number with enough zeros to calculate what 1000 fold is, let alone North Disneyland having enough warm bodies or hot nukes to come on that kind of retard strong.

And now they’re talking about lobbing an ICBM toward Hawaii here in a month or so. I’m not about sucker punching anyone, but in this situation, well… I think we should lift off and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

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