And… It’s raining again.

Just when I thought I’d get done with some work (rule 1 type) and go for a ride on my buggy, it starts up raining again.  I got a bunch of new pics to put in the gallery, but I’ll have to jack some bandwidth back in tha ‘noke rather than deal with this POS, slow assed AT&freakinT cell card.  I honestly think dialup would be fasterl.  At least I’m not paying the bill.

I know I haven’t posted shit in a long time (save a couple of YT picks, but things have been wall to wall for me for the past couple of months.  Still moving.  I find it harder and harder each day to make that trek into town.  Seems like everyone is so pissed off all the time.  You can see it in the way they drive.

So much has happened since my last serious post, I don’t know where to begin.  My old Chevy Silverado got totalled, got a replacement.  Got water and security, and am doing all kinds of things to get the new place in order.  Slowly replacing the screening on the porch (yes, I do love sitting on this one listening to the frogs and stuff).  Working on getting the road back in shape, which is a task in itself considering that it’s a solid half mile from the gate to the house.  Finishing and fitting my new workshop (I’m not even going to detail that escapade into spackling).  Moving my planes and tooling.  And more, so much so that I’m not going to try.

The 914 is not running again.  I think it’s the fuel pump, though I haven’t really gotten the chance to wrench on it to find out.  Hopefully I’ll get my garage in order so I can work on it in there, but that may be a while.

Kinsee really loves it here.  She has a ton of freedom, and I know it must seem confining when I take her back to Mom’s for the week.  She still hates car rides, and that is the biggest issue on the weekly sabatical.

So far this year I’ve killed two black racers and saw my first copperhead snake.  I know when Kinsee barks, and especially if she growles, there’s something bad in da hood.  She spotted the copperhead while it was feeding on a lizard right next to the stairs outside.  By the time I got google images to show me what one looks like, and loading rat shot in the .22, it had disappeared.  I always wear snake guards when I’m out in the yard, and I’m glad Kinsee has the sense to know bad shit when she sees it.  I do worry about her though.  And yes, I do pack the .22 when I’m out as well.  Only thing is, the rat shot doesn’t make it cycle and I have to rack it after each shot.  Last 5 are regular .22lr.

There’s more, but honestly, it’s all a blur.  If you had the chance to see the place before I started working on it and moving, you almost wouldn’t recognize it now.  And if you’re waiting on an invite, don’t.  Just call me so I can have the gate unlocked for ya.

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