More Tuning and Maintenence

Finally getting the engine dialed in.  I had to lean out the brain a couple clicks, and it’s running like a top now.

I also got the chance to install the bushing replacements for the rear sway bar.  The mount plates were a real hassle, but I got them swapped out with new ones.  The drop link busings took a little more effort.  I know the bars are aftermarket Weltmeister (sp?), and the bushing set I got was from the same company.  Unfortunately, The busings were tapered and were too big for the links.  I had to fabricate a mandrel and turn them down on the lathe.  It took some wrestling, but I got the drop liks done as well, and the rattle is no more.  I honestly cont remember the last time the 914 sounded this solid.

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