Rain-X, Truely Badass

This stuff is awesome.  I finally got to try it out today and all I can say is Wow.  In a light rain, you almost don’t need to use the wipers.  And the faster you are driving, the less rain you see.  It just hits and is gone.

I have to mod my wipers though.  They rest to the left on the stock setup.  That’s not really a problem most days, but the right side wiper slings rain to the left when it returns home.  Maybe I’m just wired funny, but I find water going sideways when it normally doesn’t is kind of distracting.  There’s a mod article on Pellican that switches the home position over to the passenger side.  I’ll have to pull a bunch of stuff out of the tank compartment to get to the wiper assembly, but what the hell, right?

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  1. Maydog75 says:

    Rain-X is the shit. I can’t believe you have never used it. They make a autowash as well which imo woks better than most waxes or you can simply put some in your regular Megruires. Just google Rain-X uses and check it out.

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