I will no longer patronize this establishment.

NoFuel and I were heading to the Mexican place for lunch today and I had to stop at a convenience store.  I had stopped by this particular store before and had no problems, until today.  Oh, I hate the lottery.  Gimmie one of those, six of those, and two of them ones, and a pack of Mavericks.  Scratch addicts.

I digress.  When I finally made it to the register, the wench cards me.  I rolled up in a car that old enough to smoke, and drink, and my goatee has patches that are turning grey.  WTF lady?  She goes on to inform me that it didn’t matter if I was five or a hundred (that’s a quote), I still get carded.  She got kind of pissed when I thanked her for the compliment, meaning that if you had to card someone almost two times the legal smoking age, then you are well and truely a fucktard.  I pulled out my wallet, flipped it open so she could verify that I am old enough and I thought she looked at it, so I put it back.  Then she said she still needed to see my ID, and I said I just showed it to you, to which she replied that she couldn’t read it and I need to get it out and hand it to her.  You gotta be kidding me I said, right in front of five other customers in line, and I dug the damned thing out.  She glanced at it for a second and handed it back.  I should have walked out right before handing her the cash and leaving the smokes.

I was real tempted to stop at the other 7-11 on the other side of the same street a couple blocks up the way, just to see if they had the same carding policy.  I did find some solace in the thought that I can choose to not go back there.

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