Turning Heads

C’mon E, another 914 post, you’re obsessed.

Nah, hit the jump.

I hope you ladies at Exxon didn’t dump the DVR footage and post it to YouTube of my little dance I did for ya, I know it made your day.

Here’s one for all you drivers that will not pass me, please watch the road, short glances.  Drive safe.  To the haters, bite me.

Pam, thanks for listening to me randomly babble during the day.

Maydog, I showed you mine, get on that dude to get your 911 finishizzled.  I gotta get in touch with J.U.  I emailed him yesterday.

Michell and Haley, thanks for noticing, honk next time.  =8-)

See, no 914 babble.

2 Responses to “Turning Heads”

  1. Maydog75 says:

    Yeah man you got me juiced last night with the drive-by. I am planning on blowing the day off tomorrow after lunch and riding up to Pulaski to check out the paint. It is supposed to go into the booth in the AM. All body work is done and the whole interior has been replaced to include new leather seats… I had the same German smell as your 14. I only hope the new interior doesn’t detract from that! Cheers M D

  2. E-Dog says:

    I’m kind of excited too. What happened today? NoFuel told me tonight that JU is gearing up for the spring season. You gotta get it hokked up.

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