The chair is against the wall.

WoooHooo!!!!! I’d like to give a big shout out to the man of the day, NoFuelHeli!!! There’s no way I could have timed the 914 by myself, and I appreciate you making time to help me out. I really kind of want to know how the micro shockies turned out.

Today was pretty darned productive. I got the left rear caliper finished and back on the car. I did encounter an issue with the inner adjuster cap not wanting to come off, and NFH had to watch me speed rebuild it. The first rear one took all day, I got this one done in less than half. After that was back on, we got to the timing issue. NoFuel had the touch on the light, while I ran it up to 3500. It’s running great now, and I’m pretty excited about maybe trying to free the clutch tomorrow.

After that, I changed out the rear brake line, which ironically enough, wasn’t nearly a pain as the other rear line. Took maybe a half hour this time. Then I popped the inside right front and separated the halves and honed the cup.  I feel much better about that brake now.  The left front I think might have been the crankiest of the bunch.  It just gave me a fit, but all in all, I’m satisfied with how it turned out.  I called it quits a little while ago with it sitting on the bench ready to put back on.  A half hour or so putting it on and changing out the flexible line and It’ll be ready to bleed.

I’m glad I got the speed bleeder sets.  They’re like regular bleeder nipples, but they have a check valve so you can bleed the brakes by yourself.  Pretty neat.  I’m thinking an hour or two to purge the so-so fluid I’ve been using and put in the good blue fluid and bleed the whole system.

Setting up the car to free the clutch is going to require some planning.  Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I can see the potential for something to go horribly wrong.  I know the possibility is remote and I shouldn’t worry so much.  I’ll get it freed up tomorrow.

Oh, and Tom has a long mustache.

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