I was looking back through the previous bunch of posts and realized that I’ve been a tad fixated on the 914, and need to change focus for a while. Plus, I’m waiting for parts.

A buddy hit me up to do a little wood / metal project a while back, and I decided to get motivated on it. I got the first section of brass plates bored, countersunk and tapped with three 1/4-20 bolts. We had initially planned to use nuts and washers for fastening, but after I looked at the nuts and the brass bar I decided to tap the bar and ditch the washers and nuts. I’ll flush cut the excess bolt stock and probably endmill it true flush before polishing the whole length (3′, in 1′ segments). Then I got this hot idea to alternate the bolt direction (down – up – down) and flip the middle section so it alternates the whole length as well. I’m pretty stoked about how the first section has turned out so far. I figure another two hours for the other two sections, maybe another two for setting up the table saw to channel out a 1/4″ deep by 1″ wide slot on two sides of 2″x2″ oak stock, another hour matching the metal segments and drilling the nine through holes, then another hour or two laying out and drilling six other holes (four through metal) as well as drilling and tapping the wood for other hardware, finishing could take a day. It’s going to be kind of steampunk with some happy goth tossed in for giggles.

I did have a moment looking for a tool over by the Southbend lathe. The last time I worked with that machine was shortly before Dad died. I had to suck it up and get on with it. Those aren’t my Dad’s tools any more.

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