Darby – Running in the Drivetrain


First time I’ve run up the drivetrain on the Darby since installing and fiber glassing.  The motor noise in the vid is the twin Pittman motors.  I’m getting close to some sea trials.  I’ll post some pix of the skeg build in the gallery.

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  1. Maydog75 says:

    Yo sounds fantastic! How are the engines cooled? Air or water b/c I don’t see any cooling pipe. BTW give me a shout I have some treats for ya!

  2. E-Dog says:

    It actually sounds better in person than in the vid. No, the motors don’t have cooling other than air. All the other Darby’s I’ve seen on the net were set up the same way. Apparently the motors don’t generate a huge amount of heat. That, or the aluminum mounts sink the heat away through the hull. I don’t want to think about setting up another pump system to flow water from outside, through a cooling coil and back out.

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