Darby – Fiber Glassing

I’ve decided to post pictures of the Darby project on Recon. Mostly to keep a photo log of its progress, and to start to bring a non-angry side of me out. Dad and I started this project back the end of last year, and due to some things, work has gone kind of slow. I guess in a way it’s like that Butthole Surfers song “it’s better to regret something ya have done, than to regret something you haven’t done”. But I digress.

When we first started working on it, we were taking a fair number of pix during the build. Since neither of us had much, if any, experience building a fiberglass hull large scale model ship, we went to RCGroups and RCU for some advice and help. That turned into a depressing joke. I don’t know if it’s indicative of that niche, but they had some strange ways. Dad started a thread, and posted a few questions, which didn’t get answered, and most of the posts were at best “ho hum”. I had to literally (no joke) draw a picture of Dad’s question and finally I got a couple replies with the same answer. But threads would blow up on topics that were at best trivial. We soon gave up on the whole forum “community” and the thread got burried quick.

So, I’ve decided to post the build here on recon. I know, it’ll be intersperced with random rantings and obtuse links and pix, but hopefully someone may benefit from the pictures and logs that are sadly missing on the interwebs. I’ve tried to find good build logs for this project, and 99.9% of what I find are sites with a couple “hood open” shots and a beauty shot or two. Not very helpful for beginners.

I posted most all of the pics in the gallery: HERE (which oddly enough is album #69) The ones that are in there now are in no particular order, but future ones should be. I’ll try to post descriptions on the pics as well.

I’m out.

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