BAGOK – The Last Goodbye

The day finally came, the chicken is gone. I know, that came as quite a blow, but there’s just no easy way to break the news. As promised, here’s the final epic multimedia farewell post. In the final days, this thing was hop’n and hangin quite a bit, so I didn’t even try to post updates. The final day was, in a pair of words, infuriating and messy. Read on fellow bagokolytes.

Sept, 2

This is a slightly new position, standing center stage, looking a smidge to it’s right. Take note of the stuff on the curb. It comes, and goes, then returns with a supernatural surge.

Sept. 3

That’s right, it’s mooning you. The pile is also growing rapidly.

Sept. 5

Kicking back. But wait, there’s more…

Is it dead? One things for sure, it’s upside down on the window sill. Also, the growing pile of refuse was picked up by someone.

Sept. 6 – No pix, but what a story.

On my way to work I pulled up to the stop sign at the corner. I usually trun right and head through downtown, but this morning I was confronted by a real circus. Half a street pole was lying in the road (school speed limit sign still attached) and tethered to the power pole across the street. Someone was down the street waving off a school bus, while some other guy was waving me off. The first thing that went through my mind was “How the hell did that happen?” I later found out that the neighbor somehow ‘hit’ a wire with the moving truck and the pole broke. Funny thing is, the truck wasn’t damaged, at all. Later still I found out that the other guy was coiling up a rope just after this happened. Was it intentional, or just good ole stupidity? Some of both I’d bet.

Sept. 7 – The Last Goodbye

And there you have it. The large black and white ceramic cock is gone. I feel so empty inside now.

Now notice the extensive pile of crap that was left in the wake of the exodous. But it doesn’t end there kids.

He also piled all this crap on my property. There’s just no fucking way the city is going to pick all this up. It’ll sit there till hell freezes over, at which point the city will send me a citation with threats of fines. This is the crap I came home to today. I’m going to call the city first thing Monday and file a complaint on this. I will not be responsible for taking all this to the dump. Fuck that. I’m tired cleaning up after assholes like this.

Also note the 15mph school sign proped up on my wall, and the busted ass street pole where it used to hang.

So, with that in mind, I guess there will be one more post in this series.

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    I feel…Sad

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