BAGOK – The End Is Near

Yes pilgrims, the end is near.  The house has been sold, and they’re in the process of moving out.  The chicken on the other hand is going through some kind of frantic convulsions.  Seems like every time I go by the place, it’s in a completely new position.  I’ve been getting pics, but I think I’m going to save them up for an epic multimedia farewell post.  The last pic I took (so far) seems to sum up the era of the ceramic cock quite succinctly.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Maydog75 says:

    We might have a reprive. On a midnight stroll through the hood the other night I noticed a giant green pear (3’x3′) lit up in all its glory. It is posistions right in the middle of the houses front bay window. I will have to take a snap shot of it. If it turns into an apple then we know it is truly a sign of the second coming…

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