Updates suck.

Well, I updated my iPhone, and it was not exactly painless.

The first update (a week or so ago) went without a hitch. I hadn’t synced it for a while, and the 1.0.2 update was available. So I clicked the update button in iTunes. The next thing I knew, the iPhone was in restore mode and iTunes was pitching a fit about it. Great, I just had this feeling that it was bricked. The next thing I knew, iTunes was saying that I had to restore and update. Well, after the restore and update, I had to resync the damned music, video and photos. Oh, and it completely lost the email account settings and emails I had downloaded. Another sync and the contacts were back, but the emails and email settings are FUCKING GONE.

The iPhone had started developing this random shutdown/lockup issue last week or so, sometimes when just playing music iPod style. That was annoying, but this is simply a pain in the ass. Thanks Apple.

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