Raw iPhone Pix, and Flight Report

I got the raw iPhone pix uploaded to the gallery. They can be found in the gallery HERE. These are the raw pictures strait out of the iPhone, click on the individual pictures to see the 1600×1200 photos. The ones of the E-converted Lazy Bee are probably the best, while the ones of NoFuelHeli and Adrian dogfighting show the limitation of the iPhone camera (ie it doesn’t take too good a pic of just sky and clouds). The two pics of Jeff (look for the shaved noggin, shorts and sandles) shows a decent representation of an average composition pic (Jeff is way above average in the piloting category).

As for the flying, what a day. We did a bunch of HALOs, well, I did thanks to NFH driving the drop plane. NFH had the HALO of the day though. On the last jump he landed Skid right in the open engine compartment of my car. Good thing the engine wasn’t running at the time. For some odd reason the drop relase was giving us a rash of crap, it wouldn’t release properly, so I will have to rethink the mechanism before next Sunday. On a brighter note, the E-Flight 25 powered the drop plane much better than the stock Hobbico 42mm POS outrunner that came on the Electristar. We were all pleased with this.

I also brought out the Lazy Bee, which I had converted to E-Power last week. The conversion wasn’t without a reasonable ammount of hair pulling, but it worked out beautifully. It originally had an OS .10 on the nose, and the firewall wasn’t easy to modify for the E-Flight 450 outrunner I planned on installing. Another hitch was the fact that I had to move the 450 forward about a half an inch to get the prop to clear the chin. The solution was to hack the lug rails off the original engine mount, and drill mounting holes for the 450’s mount. As it turned out, this was perfect. Since the Bee has such a stupid large wing, I decided to fly it with 2100mAh 3 cell LiPos, which ended up being perfect to get it to balance. The 450 provided way more power than the .10 ever did, and it might be a tad too much, so I’ll play with the props more this weekend. As a side note, poking arround at 1/2 throttle with the 2100 pack provided more flight time than I could stand at one time. Touch-n-gos were also a blast. NFH took it for a spin and enjoyed flying it as much as I did. He said it was a real head turner that day.

Jeff wowed tha crowd with his pylon racer (which is insanely fast), and also had a ball flying a custom foamie designed by Marshall (one of the crew). I got to fly Marshall’s v2 and liked it alot (very smooth, mad props M). NFH and Adrian mixed it up with the combat wings, but no mid-airs or streamer cuts.

Other than that, we missed Josh immensely, though we did our best to crank call him as much as possable. Oh, DooDoo-52 showed up and kept us on our toes with every sortie as well. I’ll try to take my Olympus camera next time and get some stills of Skid on a drop, as well as more pix from the field.

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